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Today’s guest poster is Fredrik von Kieseritzky, whose sense of humor is evident in his posts at Synthetic Remarks. You may recall his open letter to a certain Scripps Research Institute organicchemist. Today, Fredrik writes about anonymity on blogs....
Anonymity on the internet seems to be the hot topic of the week, so here is my take.I started blogging quite some time ago. As with most blogs, the initial effort was pretty pathetic, something that nobody would claim as their own. That's fine. I'be been through...
First they ignore you,then they laugh at you,then they fight you,then they join you,then everybody wins.Mahatma Gandhi posted that piece of advice on his blog shortly before his death in 1948, and it still holds true today.After admitting that chemistry faculty...
In the midst of a rollicking debate on anonymity, pseudonymity and Blog Syn, Keith, a commenter at Depth First takes me to task for this post:Anonymity gives bloggers like Chemjobber a platform to spout the xenophobic and bigoted crap he did on Saturday, May...