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Designing fragments to be more three dimensional than the flatter aromatic molecules that dominate most libraries is a topic often discussed in fragment library design. One way to make fragments more shapely is to introduce a stereocenter, but doing so often...
Our latest poll asked just this question. We received 72 responses, and the results are shown here.Almost half of respondents said they include racemates in their library, as recommended by Claudio Dalvit and Stefan Knapp in the paper that inspired this poll....
Anyone who has paid any attention to health news will be aware of concerns over high fructose corn syrup. Just a few years ago the stuff was ubiquitous. Today, due to consumer backlash, it is less common, though still widely used as a cheap sweetener in foods...
A list of small, useful things (links):A new blog! Welcome to "The Compounds Turn." Nice first post on beets! Melanie Nelson is offering her "How to Get a Job In Industry" webinar on September 20. Great use of $30, I feel. Latest chemistry retractions...