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A good fragment library is essential for generating good fragment hits. Earlier this year we asked about fragment size and library size, and summarized the results here.Some folks make their own fragments, but this is expensive, and its probably fair to say...
Our most recent poll has just closed, and the results provide a snapshot of fragment libraries in 2018.The first two questions asked about the smallest and largest fragments (in terms of non-hydrogen or heavy atoms) you would include in your library. As shown...
Our latest poll (please vote on the right-hand side of the page!) is about fragment libraries. Once you have your library, you can screen it using a variety of approaches. But what do you do once you get hits? Computational methods are increasingly being adopted;...
A list of small, useful things (links): The latest from Stellen fr ChemikerThe latest from All Things MetathesisFun post at Sustainable Nano about the chemistry of firefliesCongrats to See Arr Oh for pointing out errors in this paper on Xinghaiamine...