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The Chemical Identifier Resolver-TwirlyMol tool (for more information: Noel's post) is pretty cool. All I have to do is enter two lines of code to get an interactive look at my molecule.

For example this would be 'adenine' (the tool recognizes the word and produces the correct structure)

Or 'acetylcholine':

So far I have been using jmol for these things. jmol is more powerful but it also takes much longer to load and it has some problems when several applets are open on the same page. And for me there is the problem right now that all my applets will stop working when they delete my account at my old university (and I don't know if I feel like setting it up somewhere else and rewriting the links). Check them out a last time at the images label. On a bad day firefox may freeze if you do so ... but it is still worth it.

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