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To carry on with Chemjobber’s Favorite Things list (thanks, btw. Now I can’t get that silly Dove commercial out of my head), here’s my list of some of my favorite things about chemistry

Clickable SharpiesVanillin TLC stainPericyclic reactionsDump-and-Stir reactionsA set of nested beakers (my set goes from 600 mL down to 10 mL)Review articlesPhD comicsShort paths (with or without the cow receiver)Playing with liquid nitrogenDry ice bowling (a lab Olympic event, where you roll a piece of dry ice down our long hallway to see whose goes the farthest)


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Because sometimes the facts about chemical employment just aren't very fun. But this is!My Favorite Things about Chemistry (by CJ)1. A chromatography column that works well.2. The treasure trove of literature, filled with truth, (a few) lies and idiosyncrasies...
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We've been enjoying the 'favourite things about chemistry' meme started by ChemJobber and continued by Azmanam and the C+EN team - who have now challenged us!So the London-based team put their heads together and came up with this list:1. The smell of ethyl...
Yeah, it's my turn. Standing on the shoulders of ChemJobber, Azmanam, and ScienceBase, here's list of things I like about chemistry. To put things into perspective first, a bit, I note that ChemJobber and Azmanam focused on wet-lab chemistry, and David on fancy...
Goodness me, there were a lot of participants in the "12 chemistry things" I love list:Leigh's list -- check out the beautiful photo. Matt's list -- always nice to have the inorganic chemistry view. LabMonkey's list -- funny how ethyl acetate always shows up...