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Welcome to the live coverage of the Chemical & Pharma Blogging panel. Yes, this pharma blog is live blogging the pharma blogging session. It’s very meta. On our panel today is Derek Lowe of In the Pipeline, Ed Silverman of Pharmalot, David Kroll of Terra Sigillata, and Mike Tarselli of Scripps Florida, and our moderater [...]

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Michael Tarselli, for mentioning Chemjobber at an ACS Lunch-and-Learn on chemblogging, many thanks and congratulations! You're Chemjobber's inaugural Awesome Reader of the Century of the Week! You are undoubtedly awesome!(Dude, seriously, thanks -- let me know...
Welcome to the new home of Terra Sigillata, a blog about the pharmacology and chemistry of natural product drugs and dietary supplements, issues of under-represented groups in the STEMM disciplines, science and medical journalism, and the influence of science...
No matter how old, she'll always be my little sister.Today is my sister’s birthday – Happy Birthday, Sandi! (and keep an eye out for the FedEx truck today..wink, wink.)Five years ago, I chose to start this blog on my sister’s birthday...
Welcome back, friends, and thank you for all of the warm wishes yesterday on our relocation to CENtral Science.Today, I thought I’d address one of the top two questions I get when introducing myself as Abel Pharmboy of the blog, Terra Sigillata. We dispensed...
Part of the fun of having a blog is monitoring its traffic, and more traffic equals more fun. I say this because, eventually, someone is going to read this blog and finally create a respectable chemistry journal where all of the correspondence—including...