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Because sometimes the facts about chemical employment just aren't very fun. But this is!

My Favorite Things about Chemistry (by CJ)

1. A chromatography column that works well.
2. The treasure trove of literature, filled with truth, (a few) lies and idiosyncrasies galore.
3. Ground glass joints that fit snugly.
4. The first few drops of a successful vacuum distillation.
5. The little tips that "everyone" knows (DMF in your acyl chloride formation, etc.)
6. The prettiness of water flowing through Tygon tubing.
7. Watching product fall out of solution.
8. Crystals, beautiful crystals.
9. J-coupling that makes sense.
10. A clean 250 mL roundbottom.

Let's see if I can start a meme going around the chem-blogosphere. I tag mitch, azmanam, CBC, milkshake, Newscripts, The Haystack, The Safety Zone and Derek Lowe.

Have a good weekend!

UPDATE: azmanam, Newscripts and The Haystack have their lists up. Thanks for playing along, all -- I am honored. 

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