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“Despite this latest setback, Eli Lilly remains committed to plunging through this concrete wall headfirst. This is a sad day for our WallBreaker 2020 program, and some of our longtime head bashers will recall similar periods during SkullButt 2012 and...
This blog was written by Adam Rosenberg, CEO of Rodin Therapeutics and Atlas EIR, as part of the From The Trenches feature of LifeSciVC. In my February 2016 post, I wrote if some of the current generation of high-profile, expensive clinical trials fail to reach...
This exact point came up around here when we last discussed FDA reform, so it’s good to see it made at length in the New England Journal of Medicine. Remembersolanezumab? That was the amyloid-targeting antibody that Eli Lilly kept on investigating in...
The failure of Lilly’s antibody against the aBeta protein is very sad on several levels. My year started out going to a memorial service for a college classmate, fellow doc and friend who died of Alzheimer’s disease. He had some 50 papers to his...
Remember back in the summer when Juno Therapeutics disclosed threepatient deaths in one of their CAR-T oncology trials and the trial was put on hold? And then the hold was lifted about ten minutes later? OK, three days, but by clinical death standards, that’s...